GE Innova 3100




GE Innova 3100, 31cm Digital Flat Detector Cardiac/Vascular Imaging Systems - In Stock 

At 31cm square, the GE Innova 3100 detector is designed for a wide range of cardiac and peripheraal vascular procedures.  Innova x-ray systems offer advanced technologies, features and controls designed to deliver exceptional image quality at the lowest possible doses. 


Only company to offer the Innova 3100 as a stock-standard offering in our fleet

As with our Innova 4100 systems, we have labs equipped with the Innova 3100 system as part of our standard product offering.  Others may claim to have these Innova 3100 and 4100 systems but only Modular Devices Inc. actually has these systems in-stock and available for delivery. 

Available in both Mobile and larger Modular Lab Styles


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GE Innova 4100 Systems
October 31, 2010
Modular Devices Inc. parters with WVUH-E to provide a large Modular Cath Lab with GE Innova digital flat panel imaging system and help quickly start-up their new cardiac cath/interventional program.