Greg Mink

GREG MINK, CEO/President


Greg has been with Modular Devices since its beginning in the mid-1980’s. Having presided over the company’s significant growth in the last ten years, Greg knows what it takes for a company to become the leader in the marketplace. Honesty and integrity are the pillars upon which Greg builds the business and wins customers. Never happy with the status quo, Greg is constantly working to improve all facets of the operation. He states, “Our goal as a company is not to just be better than our competition, but to be better today than we were yesterday.”

Greg graduated from Indiana University in 1988 with a degree in Management. Pursuing a life-long interest in aviation, Greg joined the military in 1990 and flew the F-16 fighter jet for 10 years while serving in the Air Force and the Air National Guard. In the year 2000, Greg retired from the military and went back to work with Modular Devices.

When not working, Greg enjoys spending time with his family. Greg is married and has three children. As a family, they enjoy traveling and can often be found in the mountains. He is an avid tennis player and loves skiing. Still an active pilot, Greg enjoys the opportunity to pilot an aircraft for the company in order to meet with customers around the country.