Above & beyond: a customer service story

On a typical mobile or modular cath/vascular lab project one of the first things we do is identify the date the customer needs their interim lab to be up-and-running. Then, we have the lab delivered in advance so that there is adequate time for set-up, installation, training, before the first patients. Of course, there are also conference calls, site visits, IT configurations, clinical system configurations and more, but our goal is to pre-plan, guarantee our delivery date, and make the entire delivery and installation process is as smooth as can be. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES But then there are those “special” circumstances – such as Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville, VA. Martha Jefferson contacted us back in 2010 while they were making plans to move their hospital to a brand-new facility. The move wasn’t going to take place until later in 2011, but you can imagine the amount of planning and coordination it takes to move to a new hospital. Most smaller items like supplies, equipment, and furnishings could be moved in advance; but orchestrating the move of their patients and services from the old facility and opening the new hospital the next day was critically important.


Martha Jefferson Hospital also had the challenge of moving the actual cath lab equipment to the new building, which was going to be a 6-week process.  In this 6-week time period they required an interim lab that could perform and function the same as their in-house lab, as all the procedures they would typically perform had to be done in the interim lab.  Our solution was a modular lab which offered Martha Jefferson a large interior space, rivaling the space found in many in-house labs.so they could continue to have a fully functioning cath lab program while the hospital move was taking place.

“They worked very hard to make modifications to meet all of our needs.” “Nice team to work with, from top to bottom.”

During a hospital move, even the smallest details are planned out, and specific timelines must met. Our team is an expert at dealing with deadlines and coordinating the delivery and installation of our interim cath labs, and this project was no exception. The plan was to have the lab on-site a week prior to its use, and the delivery and installation went perfectly according to schedule. Once the lab was installed and operational we immediately began moving equipment and supplies into the lab, and training the physicians and staff on the lab’s applications.

“Seamless transition thanks to you guys!”


Also important during the transition was the continuation of Martha Jefferson Hospital’s patient information and recordkeeping systems. Modular Devices put a plan together to assist with moving the current hemodynamic monitoring system out into the interim modular lab. The equipment was moved at the end of their last day of cases in the old hospital, and reinstalled and ready for use the next day. When the in-house lab was ready in the new hospital, we returned and moved the hemo system out from our mobile lab into their new facility.

“We appreciate everything MDI did to help our transition – from start to finish. Everyone went above and beyond to meet our needs – from pricing, to going live in the modular lab to deinstallation. Should a need arise again we will be calling Modular Devices Inc. as our top option.” “This took several years in planning. We started working with Modular Devices for a neuro room, then an EP room and then a replacement backup cath lab. I will always call you first through the remainder of my career. Thanks for all of your help and friendship!”

What’s considered above and beyond by many of Modular Devices’ clients is a normal day for our team, serving the diverse needs of our customers. We recognize the utmost importance of patient care, and cut no corners in our planning, installation and set-up, and lab removal in order to provide the most complete service with the least amount of interruption possible. Above and beyond-it’s how we operate.

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