What are the site requirements for mobile cath labs?

Typically any site where a mobile MRI or CT has been will work for Mobile Cath Lab as well. We can even place a lab on any smooth surface such as an asphalt parking lot. A mobile lab will measure over 48'L x 15'W when side pop-outs are fully extended.

  • Power - 480V, 3 phase, 150Amp
  • Network and phone connection
  • Water and drain for scrub sink

While having a larger interior than a mobile, our modular labs have the same site requirements as a mobile lab and can typically fit on any site where a mobile lab would fit.

Will a modular lab fit on my mobile pad site?

While our modular labs have a much larger interior than a typical mobile lab trailer, they actually have a similar footprint and can fit just about anywhere Mobile Cath Labs could.

How long is the lease for modular or mobile cath labs?

Our modular and Mobile Cath Labs are leased out on a minimum 1 month term. The longer the initial term that the customer can commit to, then the lower the monthly rate will be. Leases can also extend past the initial term in the event construction runs over and a customer needs the mobile lab longer. In short, the mobile or modular lab is yours for as long as you need it. We will never pull a lab to take it to another customer.

What equipment is included with a modular or mobile cath labs?

We provide a complete equipment package to meet the clinical needs of each customer. A typical setup includes the following:

  • X-Ray imaging system - we use only the newest and most reliable systems, including digital flat detector systems.
  • Hemodynamic monitoring system
  • Contrast injector
  • Image review workstation
  • PACS connection
  • Flat screen monitor boom in procedure room
  • Storage and catheter cabinetry
  • 2 separate areas: Procedure room and Control room

Additional items (crash carts, etc.) can be brought out and placed in the lab.

What imaging equipment is available in modular or mobile labs?

Our fleet of 24 interim (mobile and modular) labs have a variety of equipment packages to meet the various needs of cardiac cath, angio/specials, combo - cath/angio, IVR, EP and pediatric applications. We are continually updating the equipment in our labs with the newest and most up-to-date technology. We offer the largest selection of digital flat detector systems in the interim lab market. We offer a variety of GE, PHILIPS and SIEMENS imaging systems in our labs.

How long does it take to set up a mobile or modular lab?

A mobile or a modular lab can be set up and operational within a few hours of delivery. Upon arrival our team will open up the lab, perform a Quality Assurance check to be sure the system is in proper working order, help with the various connections, start up the lab, and make the lab available for first use.

Is applications training available?

We provide application training with every lab at no additional cost. Our applications engineer will arrive at the time the lab is delivered and will provide a minimum of 3 days applications training. Our goal is to have your staff and physicians fully trained on the proper use and operation of all lab equipment and stay to observe the first few live cases.

Can implants be done in a mobile or modular lab?

All of our labs meet the airflow requirements for an OR or Cath Lab exceeding the required air filtration and air exchange rates. For implants and invasive procedures, it is suggested that a physical connection be made between the mobile lab and the hospital building, creating a semi-sterile area outside the procedure room doors so the outside air isn't able to enter directly into the exam room.

Many of our clients utilize one of our interim cath labs as their ONLY lab, often supporting emergent procedures and STEMI programs. In these situations, one of our larger Modular Labs is an ideal solution because it has a much larger procedure room than a trailer and because a modular lab allows direct patient-entry at ground-level through a 4’-wide doorway.

What happens if I have a problem and need service?

Modular Devices offers the most complete lab service support in the interim lab industry with 24/7 service support included with every lease at no additional charge. We have a 24/7 clinical support hotline which is monitored by our team of 5 in-house service support technicians - days, nights, weekends and holidays included. Just one call to us and we take it from there until the issue is completely resolved in the quickest and most effective way.