An inside look at our modular and mobile cath labs

We at Modular Devices have a few core principles that we believe make us a leader in the interim lab industry.Whether a project involves Mobile Cath Labs rental or a modular angio-cath combo lab, Modular Devices is dedicated to supplying interim labs that house innovative, efficient imaging systems, and whose workspaces are as functional and up-to-date as the technology they hold. We also value thorough, readily available customer support and service.Along with these high standards,we believe in transparency. That’s why we wanted to give our audience an inside look at our mobile and modular cath labs. We recently launched two videos that showcase what working in an interim cath lab could look like for you.MOBILE CATH LABS

From GE to Phillips to Siemens, our Mobile Cath Labs  boast top-notch digital flat panel detector and intensifier-based imaging systems perfect for upcoming renovation projects or immediate program expansions. Ideal for diagnostic procedures and interventions, these facilities include a hydraulic entry lift for patients and a separate control room entry door.


Our modular cath labs are comprised of the same innovative technology as our mobile labs, but with a little more allure. A modular lab can have up to 50% more space than a mobile one and includes a direct ground-level entryway through a 4′ wide patient door. Well-suited for longer-term projects and more complex medical procedures, such as invasive ones, a modular lab can also be easily connected to a facility.


If your medical facility is looking for a simple solution for adding capacity, or if it’s time to upgrade your current technology, let Modular Devices help you find aperfect, customized solution.Send us a message or call us directly at 800-456-3369.

Two brands.

One philosophy.

Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.