Everything you need to know about leasing a mobile cath lab

When starting up a new cardiac program, expanding an existing one, or when cath lab renovation, repair, or construction are on your timeline-there’s not a lot of room to budge. At Modular Devices, we’re well versed in supplying custom Mobile Cath Labs solutions to your specific scenario.Based in the Midwest, our central location means we can deliver all around the country, no matter where our clients are located. And, our dedicated Logistics Coordinator manages a group of more than a dozen people on our end to plan the entire delivery and installation process, meaning that you can expect a smooth set-up and delivery. Why else should you choose Mobile Cath Labs from Modular Devices?FULLY EQUIPPEDWith the largest fleet of mobile cardiac Cath labs in the industry, we offer both mobile labs as well as larger modular labs. As with our modular cath labs, our Mobile Cath Labs are also fully-equipped and turn-key. After delivery and set-up, you can expect a fully-functioning lab from the moment you set foot in the door. Not only do our labs use the latest in technology and systems from GE, Philips, or Siemens; but we can even assist in bringing in-house Hemodynamic systems into your mobile lab. Because our mobile labs have pop-out sides, you can be sure that there will be plenty of room for patients, staff, and procedures, the most important part of the equation.


We believe that all of our labs should receive superior support and backing as a standard service to our clients, and our clients’ patients. All of our labs feature an emergency backup generator, meaning that you can count on your leased lab functioning even in the event of a power outage. If any other issues arise, Modular Devices offers 24-hour, 7-days-a-week service support for no extra charge. Our service engineers are ready to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve any outstanding issue.


We work with an amazing variety of situations, both standard and emergency. In an emergency we can have Mobile Cath Labs depart the same-day and be set-up and ready for use the next. If you’re getting ready to undergo an equipment upgrade, about a month’s notice is recommended for pre-planning and determining the best fit for your specific requirements. Even our customized lab packages, detailed to our client’s individual needs, are ready to deliver in as soon as 30 to 60 days.Now that you know what it takes-contact us today with your mobile lab questions, or to schedule a site planning visit. Free of charge, and under no obligation, a visit from Modular Devices can get the ball rolling on your next lab project, whether it’s repair, renovation, or new construction-we’re ready.

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Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.