How to prepare your hospital for a temporary cardiac cath or ir lab

You’ve done the research, sorted through the proposals, presented the budgets, and selected the right mobile lab vendor for your facility – the hardest part should be over, right? I can’t speak for everyone else, but when you choose to work with Modular Devices, that’s where your duty ends and ours begins.WHAT’S THE TIMEFRAME FOR LEASING MOBILE CATH LABS?The timeframe for lab installation will highly depend on the hospital’s schedule. One of our goals is to provide a seamless experience for our clients, so we do our best to accommodate even the tightest of deadlines.For example, recently a full service hospital in Show Low, Arizona reached out to us after a roof leak destroyed their x-ray system. Because we keep a stocked fleet of Mobile Cath Labs, we had a mobile lab ready and on the road the day we got the call. Cases were back on schedule within three days.But there are also instances in which a facility has to think and plan for a project many months in advance, especially when dealing with program expansions, strict budgets and tough regulations. The advantage to this advanced planning is that clinicians and lab managers can select from our full inventory of systems.When addressing an emergent need our lab inventory may be a bit limited, especially during busy times. But if there’s at least one or two (or more) month’s lead-time, a lab manager or clinician will be able to browse Modular Devices’ widest selection of systems from our fleet of mobile and modular labs.


Let’s start with where the lab will live. While it’s nice to have a dedicated mobile lab pad site, we can install a lab on any hard surface such as a parking lot, or even asphalt with the help of specialized steel plates that help distribute the weight of the lab.Whether the lab is part of a emergent project or one planned out far in advance, we do have a few basic requirements that’ll help with lab installation:

  • A hard surface to park the mobile
  • A 480V, 3 phase, 150-200A power source
  • RJ11/RJ45 network wiring
  • Water/drain connections, if the scrub sink is to be used

If the hospital or facility has previously utilized other mobile modalities (cath, CT, MRI, PET, etc.), then it should be in good shape! If these few requirements are available, Modular Devices can easily and quickly deliver either a mobileormodular lab.


Mobile or modular lab delivery will begin with basic installation. Modular Devices will work with the plant operations or facilities team to connect the lab’s power, water and drain.We’ll also collaborate with the IT team to run the networking wiring and make the IT/network connections to the hospital. Our labs are outfitted with all the major OEM’s – GE, Phillips, Siemens – cardiovascular and interventional imaging technology, so we can network and connect these systems to PACS and various other hospital networks. Once the systems are powered up, checked out and operational our experts – who have years of experience installing and servicing the x-ray systems in our interim labs – will provide apps training to teach lab technicians, nurses and doctors everything they need to know about operating and maintaining the lab.The best part of having your staff trained by Modular Devices engineers? They will remain on site with you and your staff until everyone is comfortable and confident in using the equipment. And if you run into any obstacles after your designated engineer leaves the site, our customer support line is available 24/7.


In the end, our goal is to provide innovative, safe and reliable mobile and modular cath lab solutions that will help support your service line, and help improve the lives of your patients. At Modular Devices we put a lot of focus on communication and pre-planning deliveries. We work with IT to pre-load I.P. addresses in advance; we put together a detailed delivery timeline; and we create a schedule for stocking the lab, training and first cases, so that everyone is on the same page.We’re committed to making your experience in leasing long-term modular or short-term mobile labs hassle-free. If you’re interested in learning more about our labs or getting a quote, drop us a line or give us a call at 800-456-3369.

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