Introducing the New Modular Devices Website: A Unified Platform Showcasing Growth and Innovation

Modular Devices Launches New Website: A Unified Platform for Growth and Innovation

Modular Devices is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey of expansion and innovation. This revamped digital platform represents a culmination of our efforts to provide a comprehensive view of our diverse portfolio and streamline access to our extensive range of solutions.

The new Modular Devices website seamlessly integrates the company’s core divisions, Mobile Medical Imaging and Cleanrooms, into one unified hub. This consolidation reflects the company’s growth trajectory, which includes four recent acquisitions over the past two years. These acquisitions have expanded our capabilities and services, enabling us to better serve our clients across various industries.

Key Features of the New Website:

Comprehensive Solutions Showcase: Visitors can explore an extensive array of solutions tailored to meet various needs. Our offerings include cutting-edge mobile CATH, IR, EP, Biplane Labs, Mobile CT or MRI Scanners, and Mobile Purpose-Built Cleanroom solutions suited for a wide variety of industries. Each solution is presented in detail, allowing visitors to understand how our technologies can meet their specific requirements.

Seamless Navigation: Designed with user convenience in mind, the website offers intuitive navigation, ensuring easy access to vital information and seamless exploration of services. Our goal is to make it effortless for visitors to find the information they need, whether they are existing clients or potential new partners.

Stay Connected: Visitors can stay abreast of the latest news, industry insights, and innovative solutions by bookmarking the new website and following our blog. Our blog will feature articles, updates, and insights from industry experts, keeping our audience informed about the latest trends and developments in mobile medical imaging and cleanroom solutions.

Mark Koers, CEO of Modular Devices, commented, “We’re excited to launch our new corporate website, showcasing everything Modular Devices in one site. Formerly, our presence was fragmented across two separate websites, making it challenging for outsiders to fully grasp our spectrum of offerings. But now, with the launch of our new website, we’re thrilled to announce that our online presence is unified, offering a seamless experience to explore our platform of companies and our comprehensive Mobile Imaging and Cleanroom solutions.”

This new website launch is not just a digital upgrade; it symbolizes our commitment to innovation and excellence. We have always been dedicated to providing top-notch solutions to our clients, and this website is a testament to our continuous efforts to enhance our services and make them more accessible.

We invite you to visit www.ModularDevices.com to explore our new digital home. Whether you are looking for mobile medical imaging solutions, cleanroom environments, or the latest industry news, our new website has been designed to meet all your needs. Join us as we usher in a new era of excellence and innovation at Modular Devices.

Two brands.

One philosophy.

Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.