Is my site equipped to host a mobile cath lab?

There are many reasons why your facility might need  Modular Devices Mobile Cath Labs; whether you’re undergoing new construction, renovating your current lab, need additional temporary patient capacity, or other unforeseen circumstances-our mobile labs can be delivered and set-up on a quick timetable. We’re proud that our labs are turnkey, meaning they’re equipped with the latest equipment, comfortably sized rooms, emergency backup generators, and more, all supported by our 24/7 customer support. Taking a minute to pre-plan your site for a mobile cath lab is the best way to be prepared.Here’s what you should look for:

  • Space – Any relatively flat surface, even an asphalt parking lot, can support a Mobile Cath Labs. Even slopes and grade-changes can be accommodated for. Our mobile cath labs are 8-feet by 48-feet, with pop-out sides that provide extra room inside.
  • PowerMobile Cath Lab require a 480 volt, 200 amp, 3 phase power source.
  • Water – If you wish to utilize the hand scrub sink all you will need is one cold-water inlet.

And a few other considerations:

  • Mobile pad sites – Many facilities have existing mobile medical lab pad sites. Even if it isn’t for a cath lab, we can work with your existing pad sites as long as they’re similar in size and shape.
  • Existing power – If you’ve hosted mobile modalities in the past, you might already have a quick-connect Russellstoll plug (plug #DF 2504 FRAB0). We can either provide a power cord for your Russellstoll plug, or hard-wire it directly into an electrical disconnect box.
  • DrainMobile Cath Labs’ hand sink can be drained into a sanitary sewer drain, or into a temporary holding tank.
  • Networking – All of our labs come pre-wired to handle any facility or system requirements, including telephone, fax, computer, PACS, fire alarm, nurse call, code blue wiring and more.

Now that you know the requirements of hosting a Modular Devices mobile lab, you can be sure that your lab will be delivered, set-up, and begin operating as quickly as possible. Because we only offer high-quality, custom-built labs with a multitude of built-in features, accommodating Mobile Cath Labs at your facility is as simple as knowing the space, power, and water accessibility on your property.

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