Mobile GE Vct 64-slice Ct Scanner: Diagnostic Power & Dose Reduction

While the vast majority of CT systems in the Mobile CT Lab market are fairly low slice-count systems there is a growing demand for higher slice-count CT systems to meet the demands for more complicated procedures while at the same time decreasing radiation exposure.  Responding to this increased demand we’ve recently introduced the newest offering in our Mobile CT Lab fleet – a Mobile GE VCT 64-Slice CT Lab.

The majority of Mobile CT’s today are equipped with 16-slice count systems because these are still generally suited for most garden-variety CT scans.  We still operate a number of 16-slice count Mobile CT Labs for this very reason.  (While there are still some companies that operate a few 4 and 8-count CT Mobile Labs we don’t due to lack of parts and reliability issues – they’re simply too old.)Higher slice-count 64-slice CT systems are needed at times to better diagnose disease and life threatening illness, including cardiovascular disease, stroke or chest pain.  GE’s Volume Computed Tomography (VCT) system allows for the volume CT procedures to be done in one simple exam.

Volume coverage in CT procedures is diagnostic power, which is especially important for hospitals that have Trauma Centers and Interventional Programs.The 64-slice CT combines X-ray scanning with multiple computed tomography (CT) to produce extremely detailed images of the lungs, brain, heart and other organs.  In a single rotation the system creates 64 high-resolution anatomical images as thin as a credit card. These images are combined to form a 3-D view of the patient’s anatomy on a dedicated computer workstation.  From these images physicians can immediately view such things as blockages in the coronary arteries as well as the motion and pumping action of a patient’s heart.The GE 64-slice VCT system is much faster than previous generation CT systems, providing images in a fraction of the time previously needed.

Higher speed scanning translates to clearer, sharper images with fewer problems caused by patient movement or the motion of a beating heart.  For example, the GE VCT 64-slice CT scanner can capture images of the full heart in 6 seconds, the chest in 3 seconds, the abdomen and pelvic area in 3.5 seconds and the entire body in 10 seconds.The 64-slice Scanner also has an automated dose-reduction feature which means less exposure to radiation. Reducing radiation dose levels for patients is not only becoming increasingly important these days but also will also soon become a requirement.  Read our blog post from May of last year explaining the new CT dose standard regulations which begin in January of 2016:  https://www.modulardevices.com/blog/new-ct-system-dose-standards-avoiding-medicare-penalty-hr-4302)

Here at Modular Devices Inc. we’re committed to serving our community and if that means building a new lab with newer technology because that’s what hospitals are asking for, well, we’re happy to do it.Do you have a need for a 64 or higher slice-count Mobile CT Lab?

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