Modular Cath Labs with Large Flat Screen Monitor Displays

Large Flat Screen Monitor Display

Large Flat Screen Monitor Displays. Another Industry-Exclusive from Modular Devices Inc.

By Mark Koers

If you’re involved with managing a Cath Lab have you had your physicians ask to upgrade to a newer digital interventional x-ray system or add high-definition digital large flat screen monitor displays?  When planning a remodeling project or lab expansion it is important to have the latest in imaging technology.  In order to keep cardiologists happy, or recruit new physicians, hospitals need to be competitive in the local market and provide the newest and highest-quality digital imaging.

But the process to upgrade an x-ray system or add a new lab suite can take time.  Starting with budgeting, waiting for funding, approvals, PO’s, and construction schedules it can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to complete.

We’re aware of these challenges and for over 30 years Modular Devices Inc. has offered solutions to lab upgrade and expansions with our interim Mobile Cath Lab and Modular Cath Labs.  Our interim Cath and Vascular Lab systems can be quickly and easily brought in and parked at a hospital to provide support on either a short (month-to-month) or long-term basis.  Our labs are equipped with the latest digital flat panel detector cardiac/interventional imaging systems, offering an effective way to provide your physicians with newer x-ray imaging technology in the interim while plans are being made to upgrade the in-house lab to new equipment.

In order to properly maintain our fleet of 26 interim labs we’re continually updating the x-ray systems and making other improvements to keep them up to date with the latest technology.

Always listening to our customer’s feedback and reviews we’re very excited to announce the most recent update to our interim lab fleet – large flat screen monitor displays.  These high-definition large flat screen monitors measure between 50″-58″ and replace the typical display setup mobile Cath Labs which includes a ceiling-mounted boom with 3 LCD displays (live, reference and hemodynamic monitoring).

In the past we could add additional monitors to the boom for clients who utilize an IVUS system or for 3D EP imaging, for example,  but with the large flat screen monitor displays the inputs can be be displayed and rearranged on different sections of the large flat screen display.

This new product roll-out is the perfect solution for long or indefinite term Modular Cath Lab projects where physicians require a large screen monitor in an interim Cath Lab now while they wait for the new lab construction project to be completed down the road.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Mobile and Modular Cath, Vascular Lab solutions can help with a lab renovation or expansion – give us a call at 800-456-3369 or click here to Contact Us.


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