As a pediatric caregiver, no one knows the special needs of your patients more than you do. And, as you navigate the twists and turns of running your department, you know that when it comes time to upgrade the x-ray equipment in your pediatric cath lab there are special considerations that need to be taken to ensure your patients remain the number-one focus.Many pediatric cath labs were developed 20 years ago, and with recent technological advancements, these older systems will soon be obsolete. For those who haven’t yet replaced and updated the x-ray imaging system in their labs, the reality is that they will have to do so sometime soon.During a typical (adult) cath lab x-ray upgrade project there are a variety of options to help keep the service line operational.

  • If there are other cath labs at the same facility it may be possible to share these other lab(s). Some hospitals will have both a dedicated cath lab and a dedicated vascular lab so it may be possible to share these labs if one is taken out of service, but if your hospital is like most others these two typically don’t like to share with each other.
  • Another option is to shut down the program during the renovation, but this is typically a last-resort.
  • One other option is one that our company specializes in – providing turnkey interim mobile and modular cath labs as a temporary portable cath lab solution.

However, a pediatric cath lab has additional challenges beyond a typical adult cath lab renovation project:

  • Pediatric Cath Labs require Bi-Plane x-ray imaging systems to reduce the x-ray exposure to young, sick patients. The typical cath lab utilizes a single-plane x-ray system, which isn’t suitable for pediatrics.
  • There may only be one pediatric cath lab in a metropolitan area, so there typically aren’t any other pediatric cath labs available to use as a backup.
  • Since there may only be one pediatric cath lab serving a large geography and patient population, the pediatric lab needs to remain open and cannot consider shutting down during the lab upgrade process.

These factors can limit your options. In an ideal world, a new pediatric cath lab could be installed in an empty shell space while you continue to work out of your current lab. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. To help in situations where folks don’t have alternatives – where they are faced with renovating their current lab and shutting down their operation for multiple months – there is another option.Modular Devices Inc. can provide an interim modular pediatric cath lab, with a pediatric Bi-Plane x-ray imaging system, that can be a temporary solution during the lab renovation process. We engineered this solution at the request of others faced with the need for a pediatric cath lab, who didn’t have any other options in-house. A modular pediatric Bi-Plane cath lab can be brought in and setup quickly and it can be used as your main pediatric cath lab for as long as it takes until your new in-house lab is up and running.Your pediatric patients are your main priority, and a modular pediatric Bi-Plane cath lab is one option we can offer to help you provide for the continued and uninterrupted care of your special kids during a pediatric cath lab upgrade project.

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