Modular Devices Inc. Launches new responsive website

With mobile and tablet use continuing to skyrocket, it is essential that consumers be able to access all of a website’s features across multiple devices – desktop, tablet and smartphone. That’s why Modular Devices teamed up with Culture-Powered Marketing and Web Design agency SmallBox to develop a new website that caters to these changing needs.

“We saw an increase in the number of people using mobile devices in the decision making process, so it was important for us to provide a more rich and informative mobile experience,” explained Greg Mink, COO of Modular Devices. “So with this update, now if people are on a mobile device our site can be very easily viewed and navigated. Our forms can be filled out very easily and our phone number can be dialed right from the home page on a mobile phone.”

The new MDI site features a friendly, intuitive, and innovative responsive design that is not only functional across all platforms, but also looks sleek and enhances the consumer experience by serving content based on a user’s device.

“This new website is a positive step forward for Modular Devices,” added Mink. “We are very proud that we were able to create an enhanced mobile experience for both our future potential customers, as well as our valued existing ones.”

Modular Devices Inc. - Website

Two brands.

One philosophy.

Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.