Rapidly Launch or Expand Your Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) with a Temporary Mobile Cath Lab

The world of healthcare is constantly evolving, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) play a pivotal role in providing convenient, cost-effective, and efficient surgical solutions.

Over the past few years CMS has implemented ambulatory surgery center (ASC) rule changes that have altered the way hospitals and health systems run their CV service lines, with several primary cardiac catheterization and coronary intervention procedures having been added to the ASC Medicare-approved list.

The addition of these codes opens access to ASCs for cardiology services. Diagnostic procedures are now being performed in ASCs and office-based catheterization labs (OBLs) and some commercial payers are already covering interventional procedures in the ASC setting.

According to a Cath Lab Digest article from July 2023, while ASCs accounted for 10% of all cardiology procedures in 2018, Bain & Company expects ASCs will account for 30%-35% by the mid-2020s. (https://www.hmpgloballearningnetwork.com/site/cathlab/cath-lab-management/cardiac-procedures-asc-right-move)

If you’re looking convert an OBL to an ASC or add Cardiovascular Services (CV) to your ASC a temporary Mobile Cath Lab can be used to help start or expand right away, instead of waiting for a new ASC cath lab to be funded and constructed. In this article, we will explore how Mobile Cath Labs can be a game-changer for your ASC.

Interior Mobile Cath Lab

Mobile Cath Labs: A Brief Overview

Mobile Cath Labs are fully equipped and self-contained mobile medical coaches (trailers on wheels) that can be transported to your ASC site and ready for use shortly after delivery. The mobile labs include digital flat panel detector systems from all major OEM’s engineered for cardiac and vascular diagnostic or interventional procedures. Mobile Cath Lab services are provided on a monthly rental arrangement ranging from 1-month to 1-year or more.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Advantages of Using Mobile Cath Labs for Your ASC

Start-up now!

Time is of the essence when it comes to ACS expansion. Traditional construction projects can take months or even years to complete. In contrast, Mobile Cath Labs can be up and running in a matter of days. This accelerated setup allows you to start offering cardiac and vascular services at your ASC and capture revenue now, while waiting for a new in-house ACS cath lab to be constructed.


Building a permanent Cath Lab is an expensive endeavor, requiring a large up-front capital outlay. A Mobile Cath Lab is an operational expense that can either be used to “test the waters” and provide proof of concept, or as an interim solution that can run parallel to a longer-term ACS cath lab construction project. Mobile Cath Lab rental terms can be short-term of only a month or two, with no long-term commitment required.

Enhanced Patient Care

By integrating a Mobile Cath Lab into your ASC, you can improve patient care by reducing travel time for critical procedures. Patients can receive timely treatments in a familiar and comfortable environment, leading to better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

Mobile Cath Labs are designed and engineered to meet or exceed cath lab guidelines in states and localities across the US and have been used for over 35 years in the hospital setting.  While some states do not allow ASCs to perform cardiac procedures, the list is growing and more states are allowing CV procedures.

Modular Devices has worked with many hospitals and ASCs over the years to help them understand the advantages a Mobile Cath Lab has to offer.  If your ASC is in the process of adding CV services, or considering adding CV services contact our experts for a consultation.

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