Repair or replace: how Modular Devices can address your immediate lab needs

The decision to repair or replace your facility’s cath lab is one of our clients’ most frequently asked questions. Many factors play into each specific decision, from the availability of replacement parts, to the cost of a new in-house lab, to adhering to a renovation plan scheduled in advance. But, life can be a series of unexpected events-and healthcare is no different. Any downtime, no matter if it’s caused by equipment failure, repeated breakdowns, severe weather damage, or for any other reason, can be a major problem that impacts patient care, scheduling, and could even divert patients to other hospitals.Fortunately, Modular Devices’ interim cath lab services can fit in any step of your repair or replacement process:REPAIRMaybe you have aging lab equipment, but there is no budget for replacement or renovation, or it has been planned-but the date is way down the calendar. Perhaps your aging equipment has failed, again, and you can’t locate replacement parts – anywhere! Or your lab has been damaged by an unexpected water leak. While your equipment is undergoing repair can you afford to be “down” for any length of time? In these cases, your needs are short-term, immediate, and essential to providing services in the interim, while waiting for your equipment to be repaired.Modular Devices realizes that no matter how well you plan-these needs can become apparent in a moment’s notice. For this reason, whenever possible we keep a couple Mobile Cath Labs primed, packed, and ready-to-go. Because they’ve already been serviced, pre-checked, and loaded-up, we can ship them out at a moment’s notice. Since we’re centrally located in Indiana, most U.S. locations can expect a last-minute Mobile Cath Lab request to arrive in only a day or two.


Eventually, even with regular repairs, the time will arrive that it makes more sense to replace your lab equipment, or finally get around to expanding your lab, rather than wait for the next major equipment failure and downtime. When this occurs, you shouldn’t have to worry about providing the best quality facilities and equipment to your patients and staff-you should be able to focus on planning, preparing, and finalizing your new lab, while still providing an interim, immediate, and essential solution.If replacement is your only option, and you have an immediate need for cardiac, peripheral, or electrophysiology lab services, your situation can be uniquely difficult. Modular Devices excels at custom solutions for any project, whether short-term or long-term.If you are planning to replace your lab soon but can’t continue to use your aging system, MDI has low-cost mobile cath labs that can be a much more reliable and economical short-term solution than continuing to pour money into a dying system. For longer-term needs, our in-stock modular labs, with more room, ground-level access, and seamless integration into your facility, can be on-site and operational within a week or two. A modular cath lab can provide you with an interim lab that looks and feels more like an in-house lab space, allowing you to perform all the same procedures you would in your in-house lab.With Modular Devices’ constantly updated lab system technology, and focus on keeping all of our labs top-notch and ready for service, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality even during an immediate need scenario. Even when life shakes off the signal and throws you a curveball, we’re still committed and ready to serve our clients-and your patients-with the best mobile and modular lab solutions possible.

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Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.