Selecting a mobile cath lab vendor: start by asking the tough questions

MDI recently got a call that we receive every so often – yet it is one that always amazes us. A hospital fired their interim lab vendor because the company promised products that they could not deliver.More critical than burning any professional bridges is that the over-promising but un-delivering vendor leaves the hospital in a scramble to find a last-minute replacement. I suppose things like this happen in other industries too, but when we get these calls it’s rather alarming because in addition to affecting facility operations, the lack of delivery affects the health and, potentially, lives of the hospital’s patients. WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? Typically, when we look into why these situations happen, it may be because the provider knowingly sold a particular product or medical imaging technology that they do not own. Or it may be because the vendor only has a small fleet with older technology – but not what today’s customers need or want.  In an industry as niche as mobile and modular cath labs, there are also vendors who are simply attempting to broker any deal they can to stay afloat.When a potential client calls vendors like these, the only way the vendor can “stay in the game” is to claim to have what the customer wants – even though they don’t. It’s crazy to think, but even in the realm of health services, providers sometimes resort to the old bait-and-switch by brokering or delivering something other than what was promised with hopes that the customer will accept it.  (Take a look at how MDI came to the rescue to help out a client in this situation in our post from 12/4/2012:  Success Story: Valley Baptist Hospital.)


The focus of our operation is to solve problems, not create them. Chances are you have never done Mobile Cath Labs or CT project before, but these projects are what we specialize in. We’re here to help every step of the way.  We own and operate our entire fleet of newer, updated labs and we have support teams to help manage every stage of your interim lab project – from delivery/installation, to training, to on-site operation, to removal at the end of the term.So, the next time you are involved with selecting an interim Mobile Cath Labs, vascular lab ask the vendor the tough questions. Ask about their service program and up-time, ask about the age and condition of their systems, ask for references, ask for pictures, and ask details of the lab to be sure it actually exists. Otherwise, you may end up with an interim lab from a third-party broker, unable get in touch with anyone when questions or service needs arise.At Modular Devices we have the answers to these tough questions.  Our bottom line is that we do what we say we’re going to do to make each and every lab project a success. In the end, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important to you – the continued operation of your program and the care of your patients.Have questions about integrating a modular or mobile lab at your site? Contact us today.

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