Successful installation

When it comes to a successful Mobile Cath Lab installation, one of the most important factors is proper planning. As an interim cath lab provider, it is critical that every installation is a success, and that each project starts strongly.COMMUNICATIONFrom the beginning of the planning process, we are in constant communication with our clients. We have teams of individuals dedicated to making each project a success. These teams include folks from Operations, Logistics, Engineering, Training, Transportation, IT, Electricians and installers. Most of the communication takes place over the phone or via email, but can also include conference calls or even on-site meetings and site surveys when needed. In our minds, we can’t over-communicate during the planning process.


The first order of business is identifying the targeted delivery date for Mobile Cath Labs and the location of the lab once it arrives. Once these are confirmed, we work off of an extensive checklist that covers every last detail of any interim lab installation, working with each client to identify who is responsible for each item. This identifies what needs to be done and sets expectations for who is going to “make it happen.” Our process includes not only the people on the plant/facilities side at the hospital, but also the cath lab management team to cover applications training and the clinical equipment setup.


Of course, you can communicate well and put a strong plan together, but the most important piece is executing that plan. Once we have a plan in-place we guarantee on-time delivery. Our lab will arrive on-site, one or more of our engineers will meet the lab on arrival and assist with connecting the lab to power and unpacking and set-up. We perform a Quality Check on the lab and the lab systems to make sure that everything is in proper working order after transportation. This process can take as little as a few hours if a client needs to start using the lab right away.Our labs are often up-and-running before our clients are ready for patients. There are usually IT/PACS/network connections to be made, and supplies and other equipment that need to be brought out to the lab and stocked. While this is being done, the pre-planned applications training will begin so that the client can become fully trained on the application and use of the lab and equipment. Then, just to be sure everything gets off to a good start, our applications engineers remain on-site to view live cases, answer and assist with any questions, and make sure the physicians and staff are fully comfortable with the operation of the lab and the equipment.Here at Modular Devices Inc. we fully understand how important planning is to every interim lab project. With more than 25 years of experience in operating mobile and modular labs, our focus on communication, installation, and training means that you can expect and deliver the highest level of patient care.

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