For more than 25 years Modular Devices has led the interim modular and mobile cath lab industry by offering a fleet of turnkey options. But now it’s time to shine the light on our fleet of innovative mobile and modular CT scanner labs.The CT scan experience and its technology have come a long way since their beginnings in the 1970s. Our latest in CT technology offering includes the GE LightSpeed 16 – a CT scanner that gives medical practitioners great power while reducing the dose for patients.WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT THE GE LIGHTSPEED 16?GE’s LightSpeed 16 is one of the latest models in CT scanner technology available in the interim lab market, and it boasts incredible features that create an efficient medical experience for doctors, technicians and patients alike. The LightSpeed 16 is the first CT scanner to deliver 16 slices per rotation; it images 0.63 and 1.25 mm slices, as well as 1, 2, 4 and 8 slice modes. Other benefits of Modular Devices’ mobile LightSpeed CT scanner lab include:

Signature Features

  • The 4th evolution in LightSpeed
  • GE microVoxel® technology
  • Image quality in three dimensions
  • Ideal for Complete & Fast Head Scanning

Other System Features and Component>

  • 70cm Gantry Opening
  • LightSpeed Gantry W/RF Slip-Ring
  • ± 30 degrees Gantry Tilt
  • Helical Tilt
  • Dual High Color, High Contrast 19in. Flat Panel LCD Monitors
  • Performix 6.3 mHu Tube
  • 16 Slice Matrix Detector
  • Patient 16-Slice
  • Patient Table with Metalless Cradle
  • Light Speed PDU
  • High Performance DAS
  • 53.2kW Generator, 10 to 440 MA
  • 80, 100, 120, & 140kV Selections
  • Sub-Second Scanning (0.5 Second Scan Time)
  • Auto MA to Optimize X-Ray Usage
  • SMART Start Gantry Activated Scanning
  • SMART Helical for Exam Streamlining
  • SMART Prep Instant Contrast Monitoring
  • SMART Speed Scan Time Enhancer
  • SMART Tools to Automate Exam Tasks
  • Variviewer
  • 120 sec. Continuous Helical & Up to 2000 Contiguous Rotations
  • 160cm Max. Scan Volume Based on Table Travel
  • Pitch of Quad 0.75:1 (3:1) or 1.5:1 (6:1)
  • Magnetic Optical Disk Image Storage


This latest mobile CT lab was completely refurbished inside and out. It was re-engineered to meet the design specifications of a GE LightSpeed 16 – the electrical systems were reconfigured, the floor was reinforced with added steel for the baseplate, and new CSV flooring was installed. For added patient convenience a changing room was also added so patients could change and prepare for their procedures all in one place.This is similar to the work we often do on our lab renovation projects. For more on what goes into an MDI lab refurbishment take a look at Tyler’s blog post from last month – Mobile Lab 165: Creating an Environment to Match Innovative Technology.This GE LightSpeed scanner was recently commissioned by a hospital in the town of Grove, Oklahoma. Coincidentally, the hospital was undergoing another GE-related project and playing host to plenty of GE engineers. The thorough treatment that this LightSpeed model and its workspace received garnered plenty of praise from the engineers – something that we take pride in.Whether a facility requires a mobile lab or modular lab – the expertise you’ll find at Modular Devices will make the entire installation and training process a breeze. Not only are Modular’s technology offerings state-of-the-art, but we prioritize efficient lab and work environments to match. Furthermore, all Modular Devices lab rental contracts include 24/7 customer support and service – a feature we believe is paramount when dealing with critical medical imaging equipment.If your in-house lab will be undergoing renovations, or if you simply and quickly need to add capacity to existing facilities, let us show you how our CT modular or mobile lab can provide what you need and more.

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