The lifecycle of a mobile lab

From one month to several years, the amount of time Mobile Cath Labs spend on-site can vary widely from client to client. Regardless of the length of time in service, Modular Devices has a specific procedure we follow to get the lab ready for the next customer. Our process ensures a quick, simple pick up that allows us to turn-around our Mobile Cath Labs swiftly and safely for continued use at a site that could be across the country!PICK UPThe pick up of Mobile Cath Labs from a customer’s site is highly coordinated by our in-house logistics team. Instructions are provided to the customer regarding preparing the lab for removal. Some in the industry require the lab to be returned in the same condition it was delivered, but we do not make such a requirement. All we ask that power remain connected to the lab until removal, and that all the customer’s supplies are removed prior to our arrival. On pick-up day, our own driver will arrive and ready the lab for removal. Once removed, the lab will return directly to our 75,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis. At that point our team of experienced and seasoned professionals begins the restoration process.

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Each lab undergoes a full evaluation with all systems checked for functionality. Our service department will perform a full preventive maintenance check on the x-ray system and hemodynamic system. Additional systems evaluated include the emergency generator, heating and air conditioning, lift, physical structure, lighting, fire safety, hydraulic system and the cosmetic condition. Since our procedure rooms meet the requirements for surgical room air quality, the filters are all changed and the system is balanced.

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Next, the Modular Devices crew upgrades the labs with up-to-date, industry-standard equipment or technology. For example, all of our labs are now equipped with flat panel monitors in the procedure rooms. In the relatively confined environment of a Mobile Cath Labs, this upgrade allows for increased workspace­-not to mention improved imaging as well.


The final process is performing an installation checklist to make sure the lab is ready to be delivered to the next customer. This ensures that the lab can be put in-service as quickly as possible once it reaches its destination. Once the checklist is successfully completed, the lab is ready to be driven to the next site.

At Modular Devices, we pledge to provide our customer the finest lab at the most reasonable price. Behind the scenes, we work hard to make sure we also provide the customer with a lab that looks good and performs well. We know our process for returning our labs to service is just one of the reasons we have remained the industry leader in Mobile Cath Labs.

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Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.