If you’re anything like us at Modular Devices, you don’t mind keeping an old machine or two around-like the souped-up Model A we highlighted in Little Red Truck-but when it comes to lab technology, “vintage” is not only no longer cool, it’s less useful, less efficient, and it doesn’t provide your physicians with the high-quality digital images that they can get with up-to-date equipment. When’s it’s time to upgrade your cath lab-or even start a new program-it can be essential for both doctors and cardiologists, as well as patients, to have access to the highest-quality tools in order to provide the best care.ADVANTAGES OF A DIGITAL FLAT PANEL SYSTEM FROM MDIThe GE Innova 3100 is a great example of how far cath lab technology has come in the digital age. Most facilities have updated already; but if you haven’t, a quick look at the value of a digital flat panel system like the Innova 3100 for both staff and patients makes it simple:

  • Procedure Flexibility – can perform both cardiac and peripheral cath procedures.
  • Lab Flexibility – allows facilities to save on infrastructure expenses by running multiple procedures out of a single lab
  • Digital Flat Detector technology – provides improved, HDTV-like image quality, better range of color contrast, and even a lower patient X-ray dose level
  • Better accuracy – high-quality digital images provide a larger, optimal view of blood vessels, anatomy and procedure results

Even though digital flat panel technology has been around since around 2000, Modular Devices is the only mobile and modular cath lab firm that offers a range of the most modern equipment available. MDI strives to keep pace with the industry at large; and as a result, more than half of our labs feature digital systems, compared to our competitors, who only offer a few digital systems.

GE Innova 3100 Mobile Cath Lab


Modular Devices is dedicated to continuing to improve our level of service, and today we even offer the next generation of digital cath lab technology, the GE Innova 4100 system. As we continue to send and receive labs to sites across the country, we are consistently upgrading our labs to include the latest digital systems.

If your current lab is still utilizing image intensifier systems and you have plans to upgrade an in-house lab to digital flat panel technology we’re confident you’ll find the installation, training, and usage of our digital systems a breeze with the assistance of our expert team. Why settle for less than the best, when Modular Devices has the best digital cath lab systems in-stock and ready to ship out at a moment’s notice-contact us today.

GE Innova 4100 Modular Cath Lab

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