It’s not just industry-leading customer service, a team full of responsive experts, and an extensive inventory and lab availability that makes Modular Devices stand out-it’s also the labs themselves! We’re proud of using the latest technology and imaging equipment, which is why we’re constantly updating and investing in our lab fleet. In fact, each Modular Devices Mobile Cath Lab returns to our home office in-between rentals to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible cath lab that fits their specific needs, each and every time. Beyond installation, training, and set-up from the talented MDI team, what specifically can you expect from our Mobile Cath Labs or vascular labs rentals? Check out the list of features:

  • Imaging systems – cardiac, peripheral vascular or combo cath/vascular systems to meet any clinical application.
  • Full selection of digital detector systems:
  • GE Innova 2000/2100, 3100, 4100
  • Philips Allura FD10 and FD20 Systems
  • Monitoring system – GE MacLab hemodynamic monitoring systems and GE ComboLab EP Monitoring systems.
  • Contrast Injection – Medrad and Acist contrast injection systems.
  • Digital Archiving – GE centricity cardiac workstations or GE Advantage vascular workstations, with the ability to burn to CD and/or connect to an in-house PACS system.
  • Lab Accessories – stereo system (with iPod connector), intercom, mini-fridge, independent HVAC units, scrub sink, and storage cabinets.
  • Supplies – short on needed supplies like carts, tables, linens, and more? MDI can provide additional supplies on a line item basis. Just ask!
  • Custom Requests – because we build our labs in-house, we can customize your lab to accommodate specific requests. Whether you need extra procedure space for your lab’s imaging system, or a modular lab that is a seamless part of your already existing facility, MDI has the ability and expertise to work with individual requests.

What sets Modular Devices apart from our competition is our attention to detail-and sometimes, it’s the small things that make that the most apparent. Your patients expect the best from you, and in turn, you should expect the best from your Mobile Cath Lab provider. From lab supplies and accessories to custom lab build-outs and the absolute latest in technology, we’re dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

Two brands.

One philosophy.

Modular Devices serves teams with short or long-term mobile imaging or mobile cleanroom needs. Both brands serve customers with the Modular Devices philosophy: to be the problem-solving partner.