Lahey Hospital & Medical Center’s Modular EP Lab Expansion

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, in collaboration with Modular Devices, undertook a transformative project to address the growing demands of their Electrophysiology (EP) program. This case study provides an overview of how Lahey Hospital successfully expanded its EP capabilities, reduced patient wait times, and enhanced cardiovascular care while overcoming logistical challenges.

Burlington, Massachusetts

The Challenge:

Lahey Hospital faced a critical challenge - their existing EP Labs were operating at full capacity, leading to increased patient wait times and concerns about physician retention. They needed a solution to quickly expand their EP program while planning for a permanent EP Lab addition in the future.

Burlington, Massachusetts

The solution and results

To overcome these challenges and achieve their goals, Lahey Hospital and Modular Devices collaborated on an innovative solution: Customized Modular EP Lab: A “double-wide” Modular EP Lab measuring 28’ wide by 48’ in length was designed to exceed the capabilities of their existing EP Labs. Four Smaller Units: The project team divided the Modular EP Lab into four smaller, more manageable units, each weighing approximately 25,000 pounds. Specialized Crane: Bay Crane deployed a 770-ton capacity Liebherr LTM1650-8.1 mobile hydraulic crane to safely lift and position each modular unit over the 7th floor, down into the 5th-story courtyard.


The successful execution of the project led to remarkable outcomes:

  • Increased Treatment Capacity: Lahey Hospital can now serve approximately 400 more patients each year.
  • Reduced Wait Times: Patient wait times for EP procedures have significantly decreased.
  • Clinical Research Advancements: The Class III-rated EP procedure room facilitates cutting-edge research and innovation.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Lahey Hospital can provide timely care while maintaining high-quality standards.


Lahey Hospital emphasized the collaborative and flexible partnership with Modular Devices, highlighting the ability to efficiently address their unique needs and compliance requirements.

Key Takeaways

This project offers valuable lessons for healthcare facilities:

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Choose partners who are collaborative and flexible.
  • Modular Solutions: Consider modular solutions to efficiently address space constraints.
  • Strong Project Management: Invest in strong project management teams to realize your vision.
  • Integration of Leased Spaces: Embrace the opportunity for growth and be prepared to overcome challenges when integrating leased spaces into your operation.

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