What We Do

Modular Devices Inc. offers short and long-term interim rentals of temporary Mobile and Modular cath, vascular and CT labs to hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the USA and North America. Every lab in our fleet shares a commitment to our high-quality standards with only the newest and most advanced imaging technology available. We are equally quality-focused throughout our entire operation - including our manufacturing, delivery and setup, and our 24/7 Service Support teams.

Our primary focus is to be a different kind of mobile cath lab company. One that put the needs of you - our customers - first. A company that solves problems, not creates them. A company that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on what's most important to you - your patients.

At a Glance

Where We've Been

Our History

Since Bob Mink founded Modular Devices Inc. back in 1987, our company has grown from the Mobile Cath Lab industry founder to the leader in the Mobile Cath Lab Market. Bob began by offering the first Mobile Cath Lab route, but quickly realized that our customers needed high-quality and reliable mobile cath labs for use during in-house renovations and equipment upgrades. This led to the monthly rental of our mobile labs, and eventually to the introduction of our exclusive concept - a larger Modular Cath Lab - to better serve the needs of longer-term projects and for more complicated procedures.

Where We're Going

Greg Mink, Bob's son, is a second-generation owner who continues to carry on principles of high-quality, reliability, honesty and customer service that have always set Modular Devices apart from others. Under Greg's leadership Modular Devices has grown considerably in recent years. We have added more angiography systems and introduced Electrophysiology (EP) labs to our product offering.

We relocated our operation into one 75,000 square foot headquarters housing our entire operation. More Modular Cath Labs have been built and more Mobile Cath Labs have been added to our fleet of interim labs. Building upon our expertise in modular lab construction we've expanded to offer customized modular labs for sale for those who aren't interested in leasing. Most recently we've expanded into the CT lab market and introduced newer 16 & 64-slice systems.

Honesty, integrity and trust are paramount in this industry, Greg says. "It's really special to be working with repeat customers, sometimes hospitals that have partnered with us two or more times over the years. When that happens, you know you're doing something right."